Welcome at KCCIM

Established in 1996 KCC Information Management is an experienced independent Consultancy Company supporting organizations to enable and manage communication and collaboration between organizations, teams and individuals..

Communication and collaboration

KCCIM enables organizations to manage communication and collaboration by bridging geographical dispersed locations, information islands and systems for the exchange and re-use of high quality information in a secure way, based on  standards.

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Bridging and balancing

Central in our approach is bridging People and ICT, combining Business Strategy & Processes, Information & Communication Technology, by balancing between technology Push and Pull, thus aligning Strategy and Systems for especially collaborative information intensive business environments.

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Fast Reactive Extended Enterprise (FREE)

KCCIM supports, adopts and implements the FREE concept in the regular business environment for Virtual Organizations and E-business activities by applying the FREE Quick Scan and FREE organizational models.

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Framework and strategy

To fulfill our customer's demands for a better (managed) internal as well as external business driven information exchange, KCCIM works within a framework of global strategies.

We support strategies such as CALS and Electronic Commerce, apply International accepted Technical, Functional and Data standards for re-use of high quality Information, supporting the full (Information) Product Life Cycle and Workflow.

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European (Esprit) project experiences

We have extensive experiences within International Projects, a number were supported by the Esprit Programme of the European Union, like: